Letter to the Editor

                              Badger$ense: Spring cleaning — tidying up your credit score

                              Students do not realize impact their credit score has on their future – here are some ways to improve it

                              Letter to the Editor

                              Badger$ense — the best way to read a job offer

                              Badgers are in high demand by employers, but they should look at more than salary when comparing offers


                              UW must commit to 100% renewable energy

                              UW needs to turn away from fossil fuels if Wisconsin is to address climate change and reach target of 100% renewable energy by 2030

                              Common Cents

                              Common Cents: Holiday shopping on a budget

                              SOHE's Badger$ense Financial Life Skills Program brings you tips for staying both frugal and festive

                              Letter to the Editor

                              ‘Experience doesn’t pay the bills’: Interns deserve to be paid

                              Pay Our Interns needs your support in national movement to support interns

                              Letter to the Editor

                              Letter to the Editor: If UW cares about indigenous students, it must denounce TMT project, defend Mauna Kea

                              As a founding member of AURA, UW is in a uniquely powerful position to speak up for preservation of sacred indigenous land

                              Letter to the Editor

                              Letter to the Editor: Supreme Court election results show youth vote is critical to progressive victory

                              NextGen Wisconsin works to increase young voter turnout, defeat Republicans in 2020

                              Letter to the Editor

                              Letter to the Editor: UW recognizes need for sexual assault reporting software and is dedicated to supporting students

                              Administration officials provide context for decision to reject Callisto sexual assault reporting software in favor of more productive changes

                              Letter to the Editor

                              UW has space for students of color on social media — just not on campus

                              Addressing diversity on campus must start with honesty about the experiences of students of color on campus

                              Letter to the Editor

                              Letter to the Editor: The practice of cops in schools must be arrested

                              Decision to keep cops in Madison high schools fuels the school-to-prison pipeline, creates unhealthy learning environment





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