Crisis Within Crisis: racial inequities in COVID-19 are devastating black people in Wisconsin

                              As growing body of coronavirus data highlights racial inequities, minorities question when change will come


                              Chancellor Blank on COVID-19, UW

                              As UW adjusts to online delivery during COVID-19, Blank discusses UW emergency procedure, university finances, virtual commencement


                              A [fe]male-dominated field: While more women continue to go into journalism, barriers still present

                              Much progress has been made for female journalists, but in 2020, there are obstacles left to face


                              Complex Spaces: As political polarization, politicization of identity increases, UW attempts to balance free speech, inclusivity on campus

                              Offensive speech is free speech, causing students, experts to debate its place on campus


                              Sex[Positive] Education: With no federal mandates on sex ed, students receive vastly different information, affects college experience

                              Due to a lack of federal sex education mandate, information differs, affects college experience


                              A Battleground State: As Wisconsin’s primary looms near, ideological divides on left, unified support on right provides backdrop for 2020 election

                              As 2020 candidates are weeded out, those who remain fight to be their party nominee come November


                              Shattering the Silence: Student organizations pave way for sexual violence prevention, survivor support on campus

                              Even during pandemic, activists turn negative experiences into positive change, offer help to peers


                              A Cause for Paws: Students turn to four-legged friends in times of stress

                              As students face mental health disorders, therapy animals, emotional support animals provide relief


                              A CRISPR Conundrum: With the advancement of gene editing technology, ethical challenges emerge for researchers, policymakers

                              As debate rages on about just how far is too far, UW balances research, public opinion, policy


                              A Balancing Act: As abortion reaches the national stage, people grapple with arguments on ethics, science, religion

                              With backdrop of political debate, adults, students alike wrestle with beliefs, how that should translate into policy



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